In this guide we'll go over how to setup Ashby < > Hume integration.

After setting it up integration will automatically sync Jobs and Candidates in your Ashby organization to your Hume organization.

Hume needs need Ashbby API Key to programmatically access your Ashby organization data. To acquire it, in your Ashby account, go to 'Admin' settings -> 'Ashby API' -> 'API Keys' then click on 'New' button which is near top right corner:

In right sidebar that opens write appropriate name for API Key which we're about to generate (e.g. "Hume integration"). Then click 'Create API Key' button in the bottom right.

API Key will be displayed:

Copy the API Key. Now that we've successfully created Ashby API Key let's go to Hume organization settings. There are 2 inputs:

  • API Key - paste API Key we've created in above steps here

  • Webhook Secret - write any value here, we'll use this value to configure Ashby webhooks later

Click Update, if you entered wrong API Key you will be warned. In case everything was ok you'll see notification and 3 new buttons:

Test - you can click on it to confirm your Ashby API Key works

  • Sync - to immediately sync Ashby Jobs and Candidates to your Hume organization

  • Delete - to delete your Ashby integration

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